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Nedbank Desert Dash Annoucement

18 August 2015

Prospective participants can now pre-register for the 2015 Nedbank Desert Dash

The Nedbank Desert Dash registration process has been updated to improve on the usability and fairness of the process.

The platform for registrations has moved to StayToday (under their Events section), which also handles the entries for the Nedbank Cycle Challenge every year.

Prospective participants will need to pre-register for the Nedbank Desert Dash on the StayToday website (see the direct link below). On the day of registration they need to login to the StayToday website with their account details, navigate to the Nedbank Desert Dash entry page and refresh the screen until the “Enter Race” button becomes active at 10:00. They need to push the active entry button as quickly as possible to stand a chance of gaining an entry into the race. Race entries are known to sell out in seconds.

Entries will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. This process will be audited by an independent auditing firm and will be accurate to one 1000th of a second.

Successful entrants will be notified via email and will need to furnish their complete details, or the complete details of their team, and make the required payment within 4.5 hours to validate their entry. If this does not happen, the entry will be disqualified and a position opens up for the first entry on the waiting list, which should then also be validated within 4.5 hours.

Invalid entries will continue to provide opportunities for entries on the waiting list until all positions in the race are filled with valid entries.

Entries to the Desert Dash will only be available through the StayToday online portal: Prospective participants can already start pre-registering on StayToday. Existing StayToday accounts will also be valid for entering the Nedbank Desert Dash.

Additional information has also been made available on this website. New information includes the event information, rules and the route. See the menu above. PLEASE NOTE that we are still in the progress of updating the race category information and will upload it soon. In the meantime prices for solo entries are N$2500, two-man entries are N$3800 and four-man entries are N$5300.